This repository is a guide to the Hungarian Language.

For all intents and purposes, this repository shall serve as a supplement to Hungarian grammar study. Even though this will be made as fun and readable as possible, it shouldn’t replace your learning. In light of this, there will be websites listed below for further practice.

The goal here is clarification. Seeing as most native english speakers aren’t given a thorough grammar education, these concepts shall be explained where relevant.

The grammar will be explained in a progression route with sections from beginner to advanced. Feel free to skip ahead, but be aware that understanding of the prior sections is assumed. Although there is an order, some concepts will be introduced earlier and explained later as grammar is actually a web rather than a linear pathway. These will be noted at the end of each section as Yet to Learn starting from section 2.

Starting from Section 2, there will be captioned images with no english translation. Try and see if you can translate understand these Challenges using the grammar concepts explained and the context of the images! When it makes sense to explain the context, scenarios will be given between people.

At the end of each section there will be a chance for review. Please leave a comment and rating to let us know how we’re doing 😀

Progression Route

  1. The Alphabet & Vowel Harmony
  2. Phrases
  3. Introduction to Verbs
  4. This-That & Articles
  5. Spatial Postpositions
  6. Introduction to Word Building
  7. Pronouns
  8. Counting
  9. The Accusative Case & Plurals
  10. Definite vs Indefinite Conjugation
  11. Common Adverbs
  12. Infinitive Verb Form
  13. Negation
  14. The Conditional Mood
  15. The Dative Case & Possession
  16. Expressing Interest
  17. Expressing Location
  18. Making Comparisons
  19. Coverbs + Telicity
  20. The Imperative & Subjunctive Mood
  21. More Noun Cases
  22. The Conjugated Infinitive & Expressing need
  23. Word Order (1/3)
  24. Coverb Separation (2/3)

Stay tuned for more!

Further Resources